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the house

The house is a classified 'art-deco' house.

It was built in 1936 and renovated entirely in 2018. 

In 2024, a significant upgrade towards improved ecological standards has been implemented. 

The art-deco style is used throughout the entire house.

We are happy to welcome you in this warm place where comfort and style are combined.

de kolonel

In 2023,we, the owners, Mai & Hugo, purchased the "De Kolonel" bulding with it's typical "Interbellum" facade, with the opportunity to rent out it's 2-bedroom appartment.


Having spend a significant time in the  hospitality business in Blankenberge, we strongly believe you will enjoy our facilities and location downtown Blankenberge


  Hope you'll like it  and make memories at 'de kolonel'!  


Ital sarted in 2018

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