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Do you want some cool breeze?

Hot day? Ready to go out at sea? We tried it for you and booked online @ and ... we LOVED it! price: 21 euro per person; 35 minute boatride; but in total the experience was longer (leaving the dock and returning) We would love to go again #Boatride #Blankenberge #Fun #Cool ~ take the crossing vessel to get to the other side, or walk around the harbour.


Shrimp seasoning

This was on our bucketlist for so long and we just wanted to #doit The old fashion way to catch shrimps is with a horse. It's classified as cultural heritage. Meanwhile about 16 Belgians are practising this as a cultural experience. We booked this trip for 120 Euro. @12pm: we were expected in Wulpen, toekomstlaan 8 - google maps: 4M6P+WW Koksijde @1.30pm: we took off by horse to Oostduinkerke @2.15pm: we watched the fishermen fish for shrimp and he came out the water twice for us to see the catch. @4.15 pm: we returned by horse to the farm in Wulpen where we seperated the shrimps from the rest of the catch and where the shrimps were boiled. @5.30pm: we could eat our freshly caught shrimps and have the beer that goes with it.

What an experience!! #Shrimps #fishing #heritage #cultural

Want to book too? contact: Stefaan Hancke :


'Film op het strand' in Zeebrugge

Every Thursday you can watch movies on the beach. We tried this too. It was a very hot day and I wasn't prepared. The movie must have started right on time, but we arrived too late. We took the public transportation to Zeebrugge and I didn't follow the signs... Wrong decision! The setting is very professional! Even when it's raining you could watch the movie and enjoy! I'll be back... prepared ;-)


Yeke Yeke Festival in 'de Haan'

A free festival? We had to go and check it out! Tomorrow, July 24th, everyone can still participate and go to the festival ~ don't be shy ~ #Justdoit

Where: take the public transportation to 'Vosseslag De Haan' and you'll hear which way you need to go. Price: Free

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